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The Kona Entertainment Vehicle

“Don’t reinvent the wheel,” the old adage says, but we wondered: what if we could make it cooler? So that’s what we did. We updated the old ice cream truck and today we have over 1200 trucks traversing North America.

The Kona Entertainment Vehicle, also known as the KEV, is how we refer to our awesome truck. We call it that because that’s what it’s all about (kind of like the hokey pokey). It’s a rolling billboard; the ultimate salesperson. No clever TV commercial, radio spot or full-color double-page ad can compare to having this truck roll up to a group of kids on a hot summer day.


Close your eyes. Smell the ocean. You’re holding the most delicious cup of piña colada shaved ice. Can you taste the coconut? You’re more of a strawberry daiquiri person? We have that too. Okay, now open your eyes. You’re not on a beach. You’re in front of a Kona truck. More specifically, you’re in front of our patented Flavorwave – we’re pretty proud of it. Our Kona truck screams excitement. It has colorful characters on the side, tropical steel drum music thumping from the speakers and an island feel that whisks you away to a deserted beach.

You can see why the Kona truck is such a big deal. It is our image. It is our brand. And quite frankly, it’s unforgettable. We have been building these trucks since 2007 and we have it down to a science. We’ve worked with several engineers to evolve the truck into what it is today – the most amazing shaved ice experience on four wheels. It is custom-built with a state-of-the-art ice shaver, ample freezers, and a bright, clean fiberglass working area. Our truck is NSF-approved – the only food truck to be approved from bumper to bumper.

The truck sells itself. All you have to do is keep it clean and keep it seen. Customers will be drawn in and the experience will keep them coming back again and again.

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