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Meet the Penners

Kona Ice of Moose Jaw, SK - Franchisees since 2021

Kona Ice has been great for our family & our community. We have loved Kona Ice since our boys were little. Having had the pleasure of living in a city with one of the first Canadian franchises, we missed it so much when we moved! I believe you have to have a passion for a product in order to successfully sell it.


The flavours, nutritional content & business model are exactly what we were looking for. We loved that our children could learn business skills, we could bring joy to our community & we could have the flexibility we needed in case another lockdown occurred. Starting a business with lockdowns and uncertainty of COVID was scary. I (Miranda) work in a business that ran the entire time.


I have learned that certain requirements almost make a business COVID proof. Those being the following:

1. No storefront. Storefronts are extremely expensive and so many were closed due to restrictions. Bills for storefronts did not go away. Open or not.

2. A drive-thru or a mobile business gives flexibility when other restaurants/ food services are closed.

People are looking for healthy treats for their families

3. Low start-up costs, and very low carrying costs.

4. Low cost of goods. The profit margins are great with Kona Ice!


We started just a few months ago but it has already impacted us. It brings John so much joy and made him Moose Jaw famous. Having little kids smile, wave, and run after the truck is so rewarding. Heading to a school after months of no fun, with tropical music and kids dancing and singing is the best feeling! It is near impossible to have a bad day in this truck!

Kona Ice Canada Corporate and our fellow seasoned Canadian “Zs” have been so instrumental in our success. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Miranda & Johnathon Penner

Kona Ice of Moose Jaw

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