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The Business of Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice sounds pretty simple, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than you might think. You’re building a business – a mobile business. We’re the largest food truck franchise in the country, and we’re here to help you build your business from the get-go.

We play a huge emphasis on training our franchisees. If every franchisee had the same knowledge as the most successful franchisee, we’d all be better off. That’s our training mantra – spread the wealth of knowledge!

Our Kona Kollege is a three-day, hands-on, and classroom training intensive. Kollege will help you soak in the brand, meet the team, and show you how to run your own mobile business. Established in 2012 with close to 60 graduating classes, our Kona Kollege is tried and true. We will equip you with every bit of information we have for you to be a success in your area.

The main goal is to make sure you’re comfortable and feel as prepared as possible to run your Kona Ice franchise. We know the process can be overwhelming and you might be in uncharted waters starting a business, but we’re here to support you and do everything we can to make sure you put your best foot forward. That all starts at Kona Kollege.



The Success Guide is our 300 page document that details all the information pertaining to the Kona Ice business. It includes everything from branding to planning routes to employee management to social media and pricing. You name it, it’s in there. The Success Guide is chock full of resources that will truly guide you on your way to success.


Coupled with our hands-on training is our classroom training. You’ll work with our Kona Coaches on preparing a sales pitch; have a no holds barred Q&A with our CEO, Tony Lamb; learn the best ways to get the word our about your new business. You’ll hear from our team of experts on our Kona Corporate staff, as well as real-life experiences from veteran franchisees.

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Much of the Kona Ice business is hands-on so it would make sense that there would be hands-on training. At Kollege we teach franchisees how to mix a batch of syrup, how to shave a Kona Ice properly, and provide a close up view on what to look for when finding a commissary.


Kona Kollege is where you will meet your Kona Canada Korporate staff while also getting familiar with the USA Kona Ice Korporate staff for the first time. We like to call ourselves your Kona team! Why? Because we’re all in this together! We’re here to support you in any way we can – from marketing to truck maintenance.

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