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Experience Kona Ice

Our brand is one of the best things about Kona Ice. Once you’ve seen it, it instantly becomes recognizable and uniquely memorable; consistently good in taste and an especially good experience. As we near our ten-year anniversary since our first inception in the United States, we have reached a point where the look, color, and distinctiveness of our truck draws an emotional response and feeling of nostalgia from our customers.

Ultimately, a brand is an identity. It’s not marketing, it is the umbrella under which marketing sits. It is the overall feeling, look and voice that people associate with your name. The brand is the most important aspect of any business.

We’ve spent years forming and perfecting the Kona Ice brand. It is, without a doubt, our biggest asset. It is what sets us apart from any sort of competition. Strip away the brand and what do you have? A lack of identity. Anyone can buy a shaved ice machine, purchase some flavoring and set up at an event. Not everyone can create the Kona Ice experience.

What really separates us is what our brand stands for and what it means to people. Our core values are community, giving back, quality, positivity, fun and an escape from reality for just a small moment. We’re more than just a shaved ice truck. We care about our customers. We want to give back to our local communities. And at the end of the day, we get to spread smiles one cup of shaved ice at a time. That is the heart of our brand: happiness.

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We talk a lot about the Kona Ice experience because that is what our brand is truly all about. But what is the Kona Ice experience? It’s the sights and sounds of the truck, the delicious product we hand out the window and our customer’s ability to choose their own unique flavor combinations. All of those elements work together to create the Kona Ice experience.


Along with that experience comes sensational customer service. We don’t aim to meet people’s expectations, we do everything we can to exceed them. That stems from every part of the experience, but especially in the way we treat our customers. Nothing short of excellence is accepted when it comes to customer service.

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Why buy into a franchise system? Why go with a brand instead of starting your own business? One word: familiarity. Brand is basically just a promise to your customer. It’s a promise that they’re going to have the same experience every time. Comfortability breeds familiarity and a likelihood that they’ll continue to come back to you time after time.


There is power in numbers, and we have the numbers. Our buying power is unparalleled in our industry, which allows us to really brand ourselves with different types of merchandise. From cool cups purchased that sit on shelves forever to t-shirts won through social media contests, we are well branded when it comes to merchandise.

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